Personal Information Protection Policy

In order to properly supervise the control of personal information(Name, address, phone number, mail address etc.), Machidukuri Kawanishi Inc. respects respecting Act on the Protection of Personal Information. and is utilizing the privacy policy established below.

1.The purpose of use of personal information that the Company acquires is as follows;

- Provision of information on services, and delivery of confirmation mail.
- Provision of information on events and conventions.
- Delivery of greeting mail.
- Appropriate and smooth administrative work
- Statistically analysis

2.Limitation of purpose of use

- The Company shall not handle personal information beyond the necessity to fulfill the purpose of use without consent from the person in question.
- The Company shall not provide personal information to a third party without consent from the person except for the case where there is a justifiable reason. (The company does not guarantee that personal information will be free from viruses or other harmful programming, or from third party interference, hacking or other security intrusions.)
- The company shall immediately discard and delete retained personal information in an appropriate manner that becameunnecessary.

3.Contact information for inquiries

Minakuchizawa 76-16, Tookamachi-city, Niigata, 948-0144
Machidukuri Kawanishi Inc. TEL(025)761-1515